Around the world and across the supply chain

Creating greater circularity by enhancing and promoting matrix and release liner recycling

CELAB: Toward a Circular Economy for Labels is an ad-hoc industry coalition. Founded in 2020, CELAB includes approximately 50 industry-leading companies representing the entire value chain that have come together to create a sustainable pressure sensitive labeling industry by offering solutions and providing education to enable matrix and liner recycling.

CELAB is designed to facilitate collaboration at a global level and encourage the universal adoption of best practices while fostering regionally appropriate initiatives. Company members’ sustainability executives, technical experts, marketing leaders and others work together in workstreams that focus on identifying solutions to increase matrix and liner recycling through research, technical discussions, information gathering, and educating stakeholders, policymakers and the public.

CELAB is technology- and solution-neutral in order to ensure that the most viable solutions are developed and promoted for matrix and release liner recycling.